Pastor Matt’s Monthly Letter

“‘The days are coming,’ declares the Lord, ‘when I will fulfill the good promise I made to the people of Israel and Judah. Jeremiah 33:14 NIV

Dear friends and members:

One of things I like about following the lectionary and church calendar is that we get a jump start on the new year. Our new year begins on the first Sunday of Advent, December 2nd. We may start the calendar new year with a sense of new resolution or excitement, but when we begin the church calendar, the start of Advent signals what our attitude should be in the church: hopefulness. We look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus and the fulfillment of all his promises in his imminent return. Speaking of imminent, it’s probably a word you wouldn’t normally associate with Jesus return. We’ve been waiting nearly 2000 years. How can it be that Jesus return is “about to happen” as the definition suggests? The answer is found in another more archaic meaning for imminent: “to overhang” and I believe that definition describes the idea of Jesus return more accurately. Jesus return permeates all that we believe in the Christian faith because Jesus has work left to do on earth. That is our hope, even when we look out at a helpless world. With that in mind, I’d like to invite to celebrate the season of Advent and Christmas in worship with us. This year, I’ll be preaching a series entitled “Christmas isn’t Christmas without…” and I’ll be filling in the blank with a key meaning each Sunday of the season. Christmas isn’t the same experience for every person, but we can all remember times in our lives when Christmas was really special. Part of the reason that Christmas has lost its magic for so many of us is that the people or the things or the traditions that made Christmas special are now gone and we wonder how we could ever find hope in the season again. This series is an opportunity to restore some of the wonder of the Advent and Christmas experience. I hope you’ll join us!

With grace and peace,

Pastor Matt Kofahl